People working on nature sculptures at Cerrito Creek (photo credit: Zach Pine)

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Celebrating Cerrito Creek Through Art


Watershed NameEdit

Cerrito Creek Watershed


Defines the Contra Costa-Alameda County border (and concurrently, the

Berkeley-El Cerrito and Albany-El Cerrito city limits).

Subwatershed NameEdit

Historically, Middle Creek (now modified to flow into Codornices Creek)

Riparian and WetlandEdit

Albany Hill/Creekside Park

Areas Worth VisitingEdit

Albany Mud Flats



Active Creek and Watershed GroupsEdit

Friends of Five Creeks

  • Mission
  • Meetings
  • Newsletter: yes
  • Nonprofit since: yes, but no date available
  • Founded:
  • Partner:
  • Annual Budget:
  • Funding Sources:
  • Paid Staff:
  • Stewardship Activities
  • Assessment Activities:


City of Albany Watershed Management Plan. City of Albany. 1998. Includes specific recommendations for each of Albany’s creeks (Codornices, Village, Marin, Middle, Cerrito).


Friends of Five Creeks Projects

Contributing Organizations:

  • Friends of Five Creeks

Cerrito Creek Native Plant Restoration at Pacific East Mall

Contributing Organizations:

  • Friends of Five Creeks with Urban Creeks Council
  • Funded by Pacific Infinity Corporation mitigation funds

Cerrito Creek Bank Restoration at El Cerrito Plaza

Contributing Organizations:

  • City of El Cerrito
  • City of Albany
  • Friends of Five Creeks
  • Funded by the California Coastal Conservancy

Cerrito Creek Riparian Rehabilitation at Ohlone Greenway

Contributing Organizations:

  • Friends of Five Creeks
  • Funded by the Strong Foundation


Water QualityEdit

  • San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board,Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP). Baseline water quality monitoring in spring 2003.



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