San Leandro Creek Neighborhoods Envisioning Possibilities Community Meeting - Nov. 18, 2012 Hosted by Merritt College Environmental Management and Technology, ENVMT 16 Healthy Community Systems, Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies and Friends of San Leandro Creek

Photos from the Event

Vision I. What do we want:

  1. Healthy functioning riparian zone, allows flowing water
  2. bike/walk path access, pedestrian walkways
  3. Connection with BART
  4. 105 have: tree farm, community garden
  5. More fish, - catch fish
  6. Walk on creek
  7. Year round water flow
  8. Native plants restoration – may help flooding issues, soil conservation
  9. Education center
  10. Resources for homeowners on creek
  11. Dialogue with social services to address homeless issues
  12. Increase biodiversity
  13. Increase jobs
  14. Create areas for observation and picnicking(leisure)
  15. San Leandro HS involvement
  • Urban youth exposure
  • How to protect and care for the environment
  • Promote healthy living
  • Partner older with younger kids
  • Interpretive signs for businesses and for safety, and for nature interpretation

16. Trash receptacles

17. Crossings

18. Bike shops

19. More businesses facing the creek

20. More places to cross the creek

21. Deal with Insurance and liability issues associated with access a. Solution: EBRPD could add as a rider to existing policy

22. Find other ways to engage volunteers (creek is relatively clean)

23. Professional planning

24 Protect headwaters of the creek (protected watershed by EBMUD) a. Drainage culverts along Lake Chabot road that scour sediment into creek b. Problem of access roads to Lake Chabot dam – heavy trucks and machinery(especially for the Seismic Retrofit project for the dam)

II. How can creek benefit you, your community or work?

1. Prevent pollution through more awareness, and engagement Education programs

2. Areas for classroom education

  • Runoff monitoring
  • Choramination problems and impact (bad for fish)
  • Pt sources of gasoline

3. Buffer zone(ft)

4. Disability access

5. Avoid trash/dumping

6. Involve local Ohlone people, or other native or local communities

7. Get more people involved

8. Creek cleanups

9. Ask for money (foundations – EBRP, EBMUD, State of CA,--Alameda Creek Alliance to involve more agencies such as Bart acc. To their access plan) crowd sourcing?...

10. RFP follow up

11. Connection to BART

12. Programs for use

13. More businesses would promote:

  • More business /income
  • Less crime

14. Zoning and permitting to promote business and vendors

15. Bike repair shops

16. Kiosks

17. Flood control

18. Canoe the creek

19. Training and jobs

20. Community participation in council meetings

21. Educational path with interpretive center

22. Bring multiple creek councils together

23. Talk to key owners along creek

24. Plot of land close to airport could be used for hotel


1. Letters out to community – publicize through commercial community and let neighbors whatis goingon

2. plan to grow the community, experience it and grow the vision 3. Walk the creek, getting people out is the best way to - Interpretive signs - Tours of the creek – education opportunities - Boat /canoe trips

4. Speak to airport area business association

5. Visions of combining public open space with hotels/visitors 6. Business partnership

7. Ways to promote the economy Doug Syden,EBRPD Mayor of Oakland and San Leandro- political powers are supportive, now it’s our opportunity to get organized

Other comments:

  • 78th street culvert..

- Poison oak (and ivy) problem

  • Creek walk, ampitheatre (river walks – like san Antonio, Boise..)
  • opportunities for private, public creeks
  • What federal / state grants are available?

- Problem with dams being built in the creek (for fishing in the creek) – control/monitor the activities(e.g. earthwork/fishing/prohibiting access?)

  • balance!